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Designing The Future today

Problem: A major pharmaceutical brand was looking for a way to provide oncology patients who were in a course of treatment a means of communication that was more intuitive than traditional social platforms. The client asked about manufacturing “a wearable, like a fit bit” that would allow patients to communicate their mood to a selected group of friends.

Solution: If users are struggling to login & post on social media the last thing they will want will be a new wearable. Create an iwatch application that anticipates when the user will want to connect with their “circle”. Once learnings have been gathered from the application, the functionality can then develop into a series of voice commands for digital assistants, eliminating the need to manipulate an app.

Process: Without a formal budget for user research, I worked with my colleagues in the Medical Strategy team to gather insights based on existing research that was available to us. Once that research was completed I was able to:

  • conduct stakeholder workshops to better define and confirm the business goals

  • test out low-fi prototypes to gather insights on approach

  • collaborate with technology teams to validate functional requirements

These combined insights allowed me to propose a “Walk Crawl Run” methodology that would set the initiative on a phased product-driven approach and each phase would incorporate learnings and data captured from the previous phase.